International Journal of Urologic History

Volume 3, Issue 1

Published Sept. 24, 2023
Walt Whitman, John Mahay, and Urotrauma in the American Civil War

Michael W. Witthaus, Laena Hines, Eric Mathews, Marni Rabinowitz, Steven Hudak, and Ronald Rabinowitz

First Published: Sept. 24, 2023

A History of Four Chinese Herbs Used to Treat Acute and Chronic Urinary Disorders

Amanda Rubano, Ronald Rabinowitz, and Divya Ajay

First Published: Sept. 24, 2023

Assuring Excellence: The Inventions, Life, and Leadership of Edgar Garrison Ballenger

Alice T. Chu, Samuel R. Donnenfeld, Vikram M. Narayan

First Published: Sept. 24, 2023

Editor in Chief: John L. Phillips, MD
Journal Design: Akhil A. Saji, MD
DOI: 10.53101
US ISSN: 2769-2183