International Journal of Urologic History

Author Guidelines

Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Urologic History (IJUH) is currently published online in English on a semi-annual basis. IJUH invites scholars to submit unpublished papers for consideration over a broad range of topics to be read and enjoyed by a diverse readership including the lay public, students of medicine, physicians and health care practitioners, academicians, and educators in the history of medicine. The editors will strongly consider works that demonstrate primary research of undiscovered, uncatalogued, or non-internet-based archives; works of an international, multi-institutional, and collaborative effort; novel or computational methods of analysis; and historical works of interest to a broad community. Authors are encouraged to consider submissions on any elements of the history of urology, urologists, urologic diseases, and the persons/places associated with that scope such as:

  • Biography
  • Urologic Diseases
  • Methods of Historical Research and Historiography
  • Adrchives and Museums of Urologic History
  • Advances in Urologic Surgery
  • Innovations in Technology
  • Folk Medicine, folklore and culture
  • Plague, infections and pandemics
  • Sexual medicine and fertility
  • Science and Society
  • Arts and Culture
  • Gender studies
  • Award, meeting or workshop announcements

Types of manuscripts

  1. Original Research Article
    The IJUH wishes to publish articles that demonstrate hypothesis-bases research study presented in a document of 3,000 words or less in the format of an Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion.
  2. Biography
    Biographies of 2,000 words or less are considered but authors should strongly aim to include unpublished original photographs illustrations, interviews, documents, and/or material from a previously untapped or accessed archive. Biographers should aim to educate the reader not just on the significance of the subject but on the subject's time, society, and urologic challenges.
  3. Short Essays
    Scholarly essays of 1,500 words are less are considered on a subject of relevance to the history of urology, museums, archives, urologic science and society, but should still aim to be structured, concise, and educational.
  4. Book Reviews
    Reviews of books of 500 words or less on the history of urology, of surgery, of medicine, or of any subject of interest and relevance to the reader are accepted for consideration and may be printed as a pooled report annually.
  5. Letters to the Editor
    Letters and correspondence of 500 words or less are considered for publication.
  6. Photographs and Artwork
    IJUH will consider original works in non-print media of special relevance to urology or the history of urologic diseases.
  7. Poetry
    IJUH will consider original works in the poetic humanities on the subject of urology, its patients, caregivers, and the experience of disease.

Editor in Chief: John L. Phillips, MD
Journal Design: Akhil A. Saji, MD
DOI: 10.53101
US ISSN: 2769-2183